About Us

The Adventure School is the source for uncovering strength, joy and connection through shared experiences in the backyard, the wilderness, and the world. 

Our Values


  • Joy: we live with appreciation for every moment and every person; joy permeates every aspect of what we do.

  • Spirit of Adventure: we pursue challenges with tenacity, wonder, and courage.

  • Community: we strive to build an environment of trust and collaboration in which each person is valued.

  • Acceptance: we appreciate diversity and we unconditionally respect the talents and needs of each individual. 

  • Integrity: we show up in the world as reliable, complete, and authentic; remaining true to ourselves and our community, holding to our values regardless of circumstance.

  • Stewardship: we promote the use of sustainable practices for enjoying and engaging with the natural world.  

  • Growth: we seek to expand our knowledge, understanding, and abilities through learning and experience.